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CSEN102 JTAP Winter 2015

MET Stories

The J-TAP program allows undergraduate students, a.k.a junior TAs, to assist in the lab sessions of CSEN 102. The application is now open through http://met.guc.edu.eg/JTAP/Application.aspx.

MET Team in RoboCup 2015 China

MET Stories

The GUC_ArtSapience team qualified for the semi-finals in the RoboCup 2015 in the Agent Simulation and Multiagent Challenge in Hefei, China.

VIS workshops in Cairo

MET Stories

In June 2015, VIS institute (Stuttgart University) organized 2 workshops for academics and students in Cairo as a part of the cooperation activities with the “Serious Games” research group.

Summer School In Munich

MET Stories

In October 2014, a new summer school was held in Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich. During the meetings, the different research directions of the "Games With a Purpose" group at the MET faculty were discussed.