DMET 601 Web Technologies and Usability

Course Calendar

1st  Week

2nd of February
7th of February
Introduction, Course Overview, Heuristics

2nd  Week

9th of February
14th of February
Heuristics, UI Design I (Strategy)

3rd  Week

16th of February
21st of February
UI Design II (Scope, Structure)
Course Events:
  • Project Proposal ( 2/19/2013)

4th  Week

23rd of February
28th of February
UI Design III (Surface, Skeleton)
Semester Start (New Comers)
Course Events:
  • Personas and Scenarios report ( 2/25/2013)

5th  Week

2nd of March
7th of March
Design Patterns II, JavaScript I
Course Events:
  • Paper prototype ( 3/4/2013)
  • Quiz 1 ( 3/7/2013)

6th  Week

9th of March
14th of March
Javascript II, HTML5
Course Events:
  • Paper prototype evaluation report ( 3/12/2013)

7th  Week

16th of March
21st of March
Midterm Exams
Midterm Exams (4th, 6th, 8th and 10th semester courses)

8th  Week

23rd of March
28th of March

9th  Week

30th of March
4th of April
Reflection, XML & Schema
Course Events:
  • Visual Basic (computer) prototype ( 3/30/2013)
  • Quiz 2 ( 4/4/2013)


  • Western Easter (No Teaching Activities)
    March, 31

10th  Week

6th of April
11th of April
User Session, XML Parsers, Queues
Midterm Revision (New Comers)
Course Events:
  • Computer prototype evaluation report ( 4/9/2013)
  • Compensation lecture, 5th slot in H8 ( 4/8/2013)

11th  Week

13th of April
18th of April
Website Architecture & Performance, ORM
Midterm Exams (New Comers)
Course Events:
  • GUI using HTML, CSS and JS ( 4/18/2013)

12th  Week

20th of April
25th of April
Public Holiday (no lecture)


  • Sinai Liberation Day
    April, 25

13th  Week

27th of April
2nd of May
Public Holiday (no lecture)

14th  Week

4th of May
9th of May
Web Services; WSDL & SOAP
Last Week of teaching (4rd, 6th, 8th and 10th semester courses)
Course Events:
  • Logic layer: PHP & MySQL + AJAX + Security & Performance ( 5/4/2013)
  • Quiz 3 ( 5/9/2013)


  • Sham El Nessim
    May, 06

  • Eastern Easter (No Teaching Activities)
    May, 05

15th  Week

11th of May
16th of May
XML & XSL, WebPage Performance
Revision Week (4rd, 6th, 8th and 10th semester students)
Course Events:
  • Final submission and evaluation ( 5/11/2013)

16th  Week

18th of May
23rd of May
Final Exams (4rd, 6th, 8th and 10th semester students)

17th  Week

25th of May
30th of May
Final Exams (4rd, 6th, 8th and 10th semster students)

18th  Week

1st of June
6th of June
Last Week of Teaching (New Comers)

19th  Week

8th of June
13th of June
Revision Week (New Comers)

20th  Week

15th of June
20th of June
Final Exams (New Comers)