CSEN 202 Introduction to Computer Programming

Course Calendar

1st  Week

11th of February
16th of February
Introduction and Data Types

2nd  Week

18th of February
23rd of February
Decision Primitives

3rd  Week

25th of February
2nd of March
Iteration Primitives I

4th  Week

4th of March
9th of March

5th  Week

11th of March
16th of March

6th  Week

18th of March
23rd of March
Revision Lectures

7th  Week

25th of March
30th of March
Revision Lectures

8th  Week

1st of April
6th of April
Midterm Exams
Midterm Exams for 1st year Students

9th  Week

8th of April
13th of April
Classes and Objects I


  • Holy Thursday (no teaching activities)
    April, 13

10th  Week

15th of April
20th of April
Classes and Objects II


  • Sham El Nessim
    April, 17

  • Western / Eastern Easter (no teaching activities)
    April, 16

11th  Week

22nd of April
27th of April
Classes and Objects III

12th  Week

29th of April
4th of May
Arrays I


  • Labor Day
    May, 01

13th  Week

6th of May
11th of May
Arrays II

14th  Week

13th of May
18th of May
Arrays III

15th  Week

20th of May
25th of May

16th  Week

27th of May
1st of June
Revision Week