DMET 502 Computer Graphics

Course Calendar

1st  Week

9th of September
14th of September

2nd  Week

16th of September
21st of September
2D Graphics


  • Islamic New Year(1st Moharam)
    September, 21

3rd  Week

23rd of September
28th of September
2D Transformations

4th  Week

30th of September
5th of October

5th  Week

7th of October
12th of October
No lecture
Course Events:
  • Quiz 1 ( 10/10/2017)

6th  Week

14th of October
19th of October
3D Transformations
Course Events:
  • Assignment 1 Deadline ( 10/19/2017)

7th  Week

21st of October
30th of October
Midterm Exams
Faculties Midterm Exams for Continuing students

8th  Week

31st of October
6th of November

9th  Week

7th of November
13th of November
View Transformation

10th  Week

14th of November
20th of November

11th  Week

21st of November
27th of November
Mapping Techniques
Course Events:
  • Assignment 2 Deadline ( 11/23/2017)
  • Quiz 2 CSEN ( 11/21/2017)
  • Quiz 2 DMET ( 11/25/2017)

12th  Week

28th of November
4th of December

13th  Week

5th of December
11th of December
Curves & Surfaces
Course Events:
  • Quiz 3 CSEN ( 12/5/2017)
  • Quiz 3 DMET ( 12/11/2017)

14th  Week

12th of December
18th of December
Course Events:
  • Project Deadline ( 12/14/2017)

15th  Week

19th of December
25th of December
Final Exams
Winter Semester Faculties Final Exams

16th  Week

26th of December
1st of January
Final Exams
Winter Semester Faculties Final Exams

17th  Week

2nd of January
8th of January
Final Exams
Winter Semester Faculties Final Exams