DMET 1003 Audio and Acoustics

Course Calendar

1st  Week

22nd of January
28th of January


  • National Holiday (H)
    January, 25

2nd  Week

29th of January
4th of February
Fund. of Acoustics I

3rd  Week

5th of February
11th of February
Fund. of Acoustics II

4th  Week

12th of February
18th of February
Acoustic Measurements I

5th  Week

19th of February
25th of February
Quality of Digital Audio

6th  Week

26th of February
4th of March
Audio Mixing / Octave Bands

7th  Week

5th of March
11th of March

8th  Week

16th of March
21st of March

9th  Week

23rd of March
28th of March
Microphones I

10th  Week

30th of March
4th of April
Microphones II

11th  Week

6th of April
11th of April
Outdoors Acoustics

12th  Week

20th of April
25th of April
Indoors Acoustics