CSEN 914

4 practical hours
5  ECTS credits

Advanced Software Engineering Lab: Open Source Development



  • Open Source Software is taking over the world. If you believe in this statement and you are a software engineer, then this course is for you. This course introduces essential skills and concepts for open source development. Software engineers need such skills to keep up with the open source software revolution.  The course requires advanced programming skills and good knowledge of basic software engineering practices. The whole assessment of the course will be based on extensive development work as all the participants will be involved in a real open source community. Additionally, the course will include various discussions about open source communities and their current impact (with various guest speakers from the community if possible). If you are taking the course, prepare to be a programmer, an educator, a philosopher, a mentor, a contributor and rarely a student.


  • The following are the key objectives of the course: (Please bear in mind that the following list might be refined later)

    • Understanding Open source communities
    • Collaborative and Community Development Practices
    • Revision Control Systems      
    • Managing, Building and Navigating large source Trees
    • Recommender Systems
    • Joining and contributing to a real open source platform
    • Prepare yourself for the Google summer of code and similar challenges in industry

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