CSEN 915

2 lecture hours

2 practical hours
5  ECTS credits

Semi-Structured Data and the Web


  • Semi-structured data focuses on describing and querying data that comes in a format less tightly structured than that found in relational databases. XML is considered to be the semi-structured language of the web that gives semantic meaning to data, formatting text into machine-readable form.

    In this course, we will discuss the basic concepts of semi-structured data and their representation as well as three major families of formalisms for semi-structured data:

    • XML (including Schema languages for XMLdata (DTD and XMLSchema),
    • processing and manipulating XML data (XPath, XQuery), and
    • ontologies, e.g. RDF, RDFSchema, OWL 



    A student completing this course should be able to:
    ·         Explain the motivations for extending web technologies with semantic models, ontologies and inference systems.
    ·         Design an ontology in a restricted domain and query it using SPARQL or a similar language.
    ·         Demonstrate a basic understanding of the formal logical principles underpinning Semantic Web technologies.
    ·         Identify suitable applications for Semantic Web technologies and show some awareness of existing applications.

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