DMET 905

4 lecture hours

4  ECTS credits

VoIP Technology (Elective for MET)


  • Carrying voice over the Internet became an indispensible service that many people use. Cost effectiveness and easy of deployments are two essential factors behind the technology widespread. In this course, we will learn the fundamentals of this technology and how it works. This will be achieved by exploring the basic building blocks of a VoIP network, learn the different voice codecs and protocols, and by investigating the challenges of this technology and some of the proposed solutions. Moreover, the course will include a practical implementation and practical assignments and projects.


    • Introduction on VoIP technology and protocols
    • Introduction to Speech-coding Techniques
    • VoIP Quality and challenges
    • VoIP from a networking point of view
    • VoIP over wireless networks
    • Practical systems and case studies


    • To identify different VoIP protocols 
    • To differentiate between VoIP switches and the Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN)
    • To learn the various voice codecs
    • To build a simple VoIP networks 
    • To explore different techniques used to improve voice quality and mitigate errors
    • To evaluate the quality of VoIP calls using several quality metrics

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