CSEN 905

2 lecture hours
2 exercise hours

5  ECTS credits

Mobile and Pervasive Computing


  • This is an advanced course in computer communication networks. The course introduces the students to the architecture, protocols and applications of wireless computer networks. Topics covered include cellular networks, ad hoc networks, vehicular ad hoc networks and sensor networks.


  • 1.      From wired to wireless

    2.      Cellular networks

    a.       Location management

    b.      Handoff management

    c.       Optimization techniques

    3.      Ad hoc networks

    a.       Routing algorithms

    b.      Location based services

    4.      Vehicular ad hoc network

    a.       Routing algorithms

    b.      Data dissemination

    5.      Moving object databases

    a.       Data modeling

    b.      Dealing with uncertainty

    6.      Sensor networks

    a.       Routing algorithms.



  •  Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

    1. Demonstrate an understanding of the different types of wireless networks
    2. Identify the challenges imposed by the environment characteristics.
    3. Critically evaluate the strengths and shortcomings of the different network architectures, algorithms and schemes
    4. Analyze and evaluate different categories of routing algorithms presented in advanced wireless networks literature
    5. Devise solutions for state-of-the-art problems
    6. Demonstrate the ability to setup a small wireless ad hoc network and properly configure its components