CSEN 910

2 lecture hours
2 exercise hours

5  ECTS credits

Sensor Networks (Elective for MET)


  • With the advances in networking and hardware technology, sensor networks seem to be promising. In fact, sensor network is currently one of the main interests in academia and industry alike. I have three main goals from this course; the first goal is to teach you the basic knowledge of sensor networks in terms of sensor networks hardware, limitations, issues, and trends. The second goal is to look at the design and programming of a sensor network and their issues. The last goal is to study the management part of the network such as deployment, routing, information handling, and security.


    • Sensor Network Overview
    • Applications
    • Trends
    • Taxonomy
    • Dependability and Reliability issues
    • Programming
    • Design
    • Deployment
    • Routing
    • Quality of Service
    • Information Management
    • Security