CSEN 909 Human Computer Interaction (Elective for MET)


Midterm coverage

Lectures 1 to 4 inclusive + their practice assignments. Links to shown videos are available in last lecture slide of the respective lecture the video was shown in. Sample midterms have been posted (not all questions have been covered yet in the lectures).

Midterm details...

Midterm has 4 questions: Interaction styles (27/70, Brain 20/70, Perception 13/70, Research Frontiers 10/70). No cheating sheet is allowed.

HCI exam details

Design Critique 22/100, HCI Laws 8/100, Human Psychology and Physiology 15/100, Experiment Design and Analysis 20/100, Interaction Styles 5/100, HCI Design Problem 15/100, Research Frontiers [videos] 15/100

HCI exam aids...

1 Aid Sheet Double-sided A4-size Handwritten (not photocopied) + Calculator

HCI Project Delivery date...

Project delivery deadline is Dec 12th, 11:50PM. Email your TA links to downloadable files (source code + binary + video).

A2 raw data

Raw data file has been updated. Ignore previously posted file. Instead use the the file labeled A2 Raw-Data

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