CSEN 909 Human Computer Interaction (Elective for MET)


Midterm details...

Midterm has 4 questions: Interaction styles (27/70, Brain 20/70, Perception 13/70, Research Frontiers 10/70). No cheating sheet is allowed.

HCI exam details

Design Critique 22/100, HCI Laws 8/100, Human Psychology and Physiology 15/100, Experiment Design and Analysis 20/100, Interaction Styles 5/100, HCI Design Problem 15/100, Research Frontiers [videos] 15/100

HCI exam aids...

1 Aid Sheet Double-sided A4-size Handwritten (not photocopied) + Calculator

HCI Project Delivery date...

Project delivery deadline is Dec 12th, 11:50PM. Email your TA links to downloadable files (source code + binary + video).

A2 raw data

Raw data file has been updated. Ignore previously posted file. Instead use the the file labeled A2 Raw-Data

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