CSEN 1073 Architecture of Massively Scalable Apps


Github access

my github account is aboulsaadat This is to add me to your projects for marking purposes.

Lecture & lab...

We are going to have the lecture and lab (tomorrow 13 Feb) in C3.225

Tommorow's lectuer...

No new topic will be taught tomorrow. Lecture dedicated to your progress in the project. Bring laptops and prepare questions!

Compilation errors clarification

I have checked the posted source code. There are two files that are not actually used and are the source of all syntax errors. Delete those two files: ResponseSender.java and StaticFiles.java

Project team marking...

Since the submitted projects are incomplete - the project will be marked based on subteam effort. Each team should send one email to the TA and instructor with the following: 1) the sub-teams within each team and which part each sub-team was responsible for. 2) the members of each subteams 3) where in the repo is the work of that subteam. Deadline for sending this email is Thursday, April 20th.

Compensation lecture

Compensation lecture will be held on Thursday April 27th 5th slot in H12

Lecture today...

I was informed that many students won't be able to come today to the substitute lecture. Hence, I am canceling it and will give a lecture on coming Monday in regular class time/location.

Milestone 1 postponed

to Thursday March 9th.

Lecture location...

Starting from the week of Feb 25th, lecture will be held in H6.

Monday 20th Feb lecture canceled

A substitute lecture will be announced later this week.

Compensation lecture

will be conducted on Tuesday 4th slot in C6.204

Midterm info...

Short Questions: 10/70, Architecture Styles: 18/70, Caching: 10/70, Reflection: 8/70, Design Question: 24/70

Midterm aid sheet

1 aid sheet allowed. A4 size. Double sided. Handwritten. No photocopies.

Milestone 2 postponed

Postponed to April 4th

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