DMET 1051 Seminar in Interaction Design & Evaluation


Seminar canceled tommorow

on Tuesday, April 11th, we will not have a seminar meeting. We will meet following Tuesday.

Papers posted...

Paper 12 is available here:

Survey report deadline...

extended to May 2nd 11:59PM. Submission via MET website.

Survey details & deadline...

The deadline for submitting the survey is April 30th (via MET website). The minimum number of papers to be cited is 25 -- covering the period from 1980s to 2016. In other words, you must cite earlier influential work as well as latest works. The number of papers citing a paper is a reflection of how important a paper is. You must develop a taxonomy of the works you are covering and include that in the paper. Read this for a brief intro to surveys: Use the paper template here to write the survey paper: You can (and should) include images of different works in your survey. Survey topics are listed in the survey-list document in the Materials section. Sample surveys are also available in the Materials section on MET website.

Topics assignment

Available in materials section under second week. Those who did not find a team or a topic should consult the uploaded file.

Survey Topics posted

in materials section - under week 1.

Student Presentation Schedule

Posted in materials section under week 1. A change has been due to the increase in number of students. Each week 3 students will present. The presentation should last for 20 minutes and 10 minutes questions.

Seminar shifted one week

We will not have a meeting this week. All weeks shifted one week forward. Check updated schedule.

Crash course in HCI

tomorrow Wed at 2:15. Come to my office and we'll find a room.

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