CSIS 202 Introduction To Computer Science II


Assignment and Labs Updates

1- There are Labs this week, where the attendance is mandatory and recorded. 2-The lab content will be: -Explain the assignment -Answer assignment related questions -Revise the group's formation problems. 3- Please make sure to ask all your questions during the lab as office hours for the assignment cannot be guaranteed. However office hours for the main content of the course are welcomed. 4- No labs will be offered from the dates 13-18th of May. 5-The evaluations will take place during the Tutorial in the week of 20-25th of May.

Office Hours

There will be office hours in the week of 21 to 25th of May during the following time slots in c7-216: Sunday the 21st: from 1pm to 4pm Thursday the 25th: The 4th Slot

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