CSEN 102 Introduction to Computer Science


Midterm Exam Solutions Posted under "Material"

You can find on MET website some previous Midterm Exam Solutions posted. You should use them to practice before the revision lecture. Please note that not everything included in those exams you will be familiar with. You might find some questions that use a different language than Python or that use some Python syntax that you are not familiar with. You can still use the questions to practice different problem ideas and how to solve them.

CSEN102 Lecture Timings

Dr. Aysha Alsafty gives lectures on Sunday 1st (E9 & E10), Tuesday 2nd (E3 & E4), and Thursday 3rd (E5 & E6). Prof. Slim gives lectures on Sunday 4th (E1 & E2), Thursday 4th (E7 & E8), and Tuesday 5th (BI 1).

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