CSEN 909 Human Computer Interaction (Elective for MET)


Midterm content...

Experiment Design 20/100, Brain Computer Interfaces 20/100, Perception and Cognition 25/100, Motor and Muscles 25/100, Interface Design 10/100.

Midterm coverage

All lectures are included. Material not handled in practice assignments yet, could be included as concept questions in the midterm.

HCI midterm open notes policy

Midterm is open notes, which means you can bring any lecture or tutorial notes you prefer as well as hand written notes. You are not allowed to bring practice assignment printouts nor tablets. Note: when printing you can print up to 6 slides in the same paper to save on paper.

Assignment II

Kindly, Note that assignment II has been released.

games questionnaire:

1- Vertigo: https://goo.gl/forms/tN5o135LhIpdLWLK2 2- German Racing Car: https://goo.gl/forms/lDnZzrdmQCucHeou2

BI-Milestone 2 Online Submission

Kindly, use the link below to submit your work on milestone 2: https://goo.gl/forms/Kfufq3q1QZx1poPM2 Deadline is SAT 25/11/2017 midnight.

BI - Lecture 9 Compensation

Kindly, note that you will be having a compensation for today's lecture on Wed (22/11/2017) at the 1st slot in D4.209

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