CSEN 501 Data Bases I


Milestone 2 Task

The task for Milestone 2 will take place next week as follows: ***** Tuesday 28th of November @ 10:00 am in D1.002 for: MET P-10, MET P-11, MET P-12, MET P-13, MET P-14, MET P-15, MET P-16, MET P-17 ***** Tuesday 28th of November @ 11:45 am in D1.002 for: MET P-18, MET P-19, MET P-20, MET P-21, BI-17, BI-18, BI-19 ***** Please read the notification email you received CAREFULLY for the rest of the guidelines.

No Labs Next Week

Kindly note that next week (26th of November - 30th of November), there will be no labs.

Milestone 3 Posted

Please check the document called Milestone 3. Deadline for Milestone 3: 4th of December at 11:59 pm. Kindly note that, the website is divided into five components. The first component is a mandatory one, which means all the teams should have it in their project. For the remaining four components, each member of the team will be assigned to one component to implement. Each member of the team is required to submit a form choosing the component that he/she will be working on, latest by Saturday 25th of November at 11:59 pm, using the following link: https://goo.gl/forms/mO2PXSQ24HjpptdZ2. In case a team member didn't submit the above form, his/her evaluation grade will be for all the components of the milestone. Note that this year we posted two manuals to help you start your website if you are using ASP.net, one for mac users, and one for windows users. Also, you will find two ASP.net projects with a simple login example in them, one for mac users and one for windows users. Best of luck :)

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