CSEN 402 Computer Organization and System Programming


Quiz 1 on Sunday March 4

Quiz 1 will be conducted on Sunday March 4 in Exam halls at 3:30pm for MET students and at 4:30pm for MCTR students. The quiz will cover lectures 1 to 4 and their corresponding tutorials. Good luck :)

Project Milestone I

Please note that the project's Milestone I is now uploaded on the MET website. The deadline for Milestone I is Thursday March 8th. Best of luck!

Teams' IDs document

Dear all, Please note that the teams' IDs document is available through the following link https://goo.gl/9GAHSE. Kindly check it and in case of any witnessed mistakes please send an e-mail to maha.elgarf@guc.edu.eg by maximum Thursday 22nd of February 2018.

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