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Quiz 1 will be held for CSEN on Sat Feb 24th, 4-5PM in the Exam halls. Quiz 1 will be held for BI on Tues Feb 27th, 4-5PM in H12. You must attend with your major. Quiz 1 covers lecture 1, 2 and 3 along with their practice assignments. Quiz is closed book. Bring a pen, your ID, and a calculator in case there is a question involving binary conversions. Sample quiz 1 and midterms have been posted on MET website. To give you an opportunity to study for the quiz, milestone 2 is postponed to Sunday Feb 25th, 11:59PM.

Project part A doc updated

to fix typos. Changes highlighted in red.

Project milestone 1...

I received requests to postpone milestone 1 delivery since it coincides with SE's. Milestone 1 has been postponed to Wed 21st , 11:50PM. No other milestone will be postponed, so organize your time accordingly.

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Kindly submit the project to this email, with your team number in subject section. csen604.db2@gmail.com

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