CSEN 604 Data Bases II


Virtual memory issue

It has been brought to my attention that uploading project data and creating indices are taking too much time on some laptops because of virtual memory limited size. Make sure to increase your laptop virtual memory size by few gigabytes to speed up both tasks. Check this link for that: https://www.pcworld.com/article/2840886/if-windows-virtual-memory-is-too-low-you-can-increase-it-but-there-are-trade-offs.html

Project Part 2 postponed

to Friday April 13th, 11:59PM.

Extension for 2 days

Deadline extended one last time to Sunday April 15th.

Project 2 - data size

Some of you are facing difficulty trying to do an insert of the data as specified in part F due to hardware limitations. If you are facing such difficulty, instead of the specified data set size, insert 0.5Mn matches and 10Mn players. If you have already inserted the data with 5Mn and 110Mn -- that's also acceptable.

Quiz 3

For CSEN, Monday, April 23, 4:00-5:00 in D4.102, H15, and H16. For BI, Tuesday, April 24, , 4:00-5:00 in H12. Content covered in quiz 3 are lectures 7 and 8.

Submission link

Kindly submit the project to this email, with your team number in subject section. csen604.db2@gmail.com

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