CSEN 909 Human Computer Interaction (Elective for MET)


Subsitute lecture

Will be given Thursday 3rd slot instead of Monday 5th.

Interaction Design [Alternative-2] - M4 Submission Link

https://goo.gl/forms/opll1xJohDnJ56sC3 To be delivered max by 17th, Dec, 2018

Assignment-2 Submission Link

https://goo.gl/forms/5X6WFT297JQ0Grl23 To be delivered max by 10th, Dec, 2018

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Course Staff

Teaching assistant

Course Meetings


  • On Sunday 2nd slot , for BI in H1
  • On Thursday 2nd slot , for CSEN/DMET in H19


  • On Saturday 1st slot , for CSEN-EL02 in C5.202
  • On Saturday 2nd slot , for CSEN-03 in C5.311
  • On Tuesday 4th slot , for CSEN-EL05 in C5.211
  • On Tuesday 5th slot , for CSEN-EL06 in C5.201
  • On Wednesday 2nd slot , for BI-T02 in C5.311
  • On Wednesday 4th slot , for BI-T01 in C5.212
  • On Thursday 2nd slot , for BI-T03 in C5.211
  • On Thursday 3rd slot , for CSEN-EL01 in C5.308
  • On Thursday 4th slot , for DMET-EL07 in C5.204
  • On Thursday 5th slot , for CSEN-EL04 in C5.201

Office Hours

  • On Saturday 3rd slot , for Eslam Osama in C6.305
  • On Sunday 3rd slot , for Eslam Osama in C6.305