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Project Evaluation Sheet

Kindly, reserve a slot for the evaluation via the following link:https://doodle.com/poll/4tx4inbumpuiaiw2

Project Evaluation Guidelines

1) All team members must attend the evaluation..No exceptions. 2) Choose a slot that suits all team members. 3) We have parallel slots starting from Monday Till Wed (24/4). 4) Locations for Monday and Tuesday are in Eslam's tutorial rooms. 5) Locations for Wed are in Noha's tutorial rooms. 6) Slots are based on FCFS. 7) Best of luck ...

OS Project

Dear All, after exchanging with a lot of you, I have noticed that the objective of the OS project is not 100% clear. In this project we ask you to create a SIMULATION of an Operating System of your choice! It should simulate its behavior. This does not mean: create real application to be run on an OS (simulation or not). This does not mean, neither, that you will create a Hardware emulator to run your OS: it will take you ages to do so! I need to know that you've understood the different elements and mechanisms of an OS, and your simulation will prove it to me! ++ HS


Just to be clear: your OS simulation should simulate processes and/or threads, concurrency mechanisms, scheduling, etc... We need to see the interactions between your different elements (user level and kernel processes, threads(?), semaphores, cpu, memory, ...) either graphically or by some other means (prompt text, etc..). ALL the things that you have learnt about OS could be included and SIMULATED. It is up to you to create a class, or any other structure to represent an element. for example, you COULD create a class called 'process', or represent the element 'process' in a different way (a struct?, a variable?). It's really up to you! Good luck ++HS

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