CSEN 604 Data Bases II


MiniProject 1 Teams Update

Please check the teams sheet again. As it has been updated.

MiniProject 1 Teams

Kindly find a link to the sheet containing your teams. The form submitted teams are in a sheet and the randomly assigned teams in a separate sheet. Good luck! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1amqCzDqVpj7xmAu6dyfZIG-AVc1mHoveTby3V3YHB5Y/edit?usp=sharing

Course page on Piazza

We will conduct our course-related discussion on piazza this semester. Please sign up on piazza using this link: piazza.com/guc.edu.eg/spring2019/csen604 After signing up, you will be capable of accessing our course page through the link: piazza.com/guc.edu.eg/spring2019/csen604/home Please, ask your questions there and check your colleagues questions' and answers'.

Mini-project 1 milestones

As per the project document, there are two milestones you have to submit: one without index and the second with an index. I am relaxing the requirement and you can submit one final deliverable with support for both using an index and not using an index. However, I must alert you that the project requires a significant development effort and by working on both features at the same time, you risk not handing in any submission that is working, and that in turn decreases our ability to give you partial marks. If you prefer to work on two separate submissions, you must submit as per specified date: March 4th, 2019, 11:50PM

Quiz 1 compensation

It has come to my attention that some of you have conflict with quiz 1 time. I will be holding a compensation quiz on Monday Feb 25th. You must have a valid excuse verified by TA on site to attend the quiz. Location will be posted later.

Team member evaluation...

It has come to my attention that some team members are not working at all on the project which is causing problems for those who are more committed. A team member evaluation form has been posted in materials section. Submit the form to your TA after project deadline. If you end working alone and do not finish, that will be taken into consideration, and each team member will have a separate evaluation to reveal the actual contribution.

Project milestone II extended

to Wednesday March 27th - 11:59PM.

Quiz 1 compensation time/location

For those who were not able to attend the regular quiz due to a conflict. The quiz will be held on Monday Feb 25th 5th slot in H9. Lecture 1 content only.

Midterm details...

Midterm is closed book. Bring your calculator. Midterm has 3 questions: Q1. Database Indices 20/60, Q2. Database Indices Usage 20/60 and Q3. Query Estimation 20/60.

Project - bitmap index

I am relaxing the requirement for a bitmap index constructed on the column that is not used to sort the table. You can do it without a dense copy of the values provided that you keep the values sorted in the bitmap index. This way, you can do range queries as well as aggregate functions using the bitmap index. You do not need to implement a dense-like intermediate layer and a bitmap suffices.

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