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Midterm Exam

Dear All, I hope you are all doing well and ready for the midterm: 1- Some of you tell me about things they hear or were told by other students. Please listen and abide only by things I officially announced. 2- Some are wasting time looking for what to take to the exam. Please do not waste your time; this will not help. As I announced before, if you are prepared you may only take the slides. If you want, you can also take sections of books as announced. That's all. 3- For fairness and by rules, please be informed that I will not address or answer any questions about the midterm between the first and second exam. Any reviews or questions will be addressed after all midterm exams are taken. Good luck,

The Second Half

Dear All, please note that the GUC academic calendar has been updated. The week after midterm will be Wednesday to Tuesday. Hence, Tutorials will resume Wednesday, October 30th and Lectures will resume Saturday November 2nd.

Midterm Material

Dear All, This is to remind you that the coverage in the books for the midterm material include: Book 1: Hennessee and Patterson: Chapter 1, and Chapter 5 sections: 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 Book 2: Jean-Loup Baer: Chapter 7 sections 7.1, 7.2 If you study well, having the slides only in the exam should be enough. It is still up to you to bring the listed book sections or parts of if you like. Good luck,

Lecture 1 change

I just re-uploaded Lecture 1 after removing one slide stating that attendance of lectures is mandatory and taken.

Important Talk

Dear CSEN702 Students, You should have received an announcement by Dr. Slim of a talk on Software Optimization for a given hardware. I urge you to attend this talk. It is directly relevant to what we cover in the course and other previous courses. Time is 5th slot:

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