CSEN 901 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence


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We will be conducting all class-related discussion on Piazza this term. Please start signing up for this course using the following link piazza.com/guc.edu.eg/winter2019/csen901. After you sign up, you can start accessing our course page here: piazza.com/guc.edu.eg/winter2019/csen901/home. Feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries.

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Course Meetings


  • On Thursday 4th slot , for All in H18


  • On Saturday 1st slot , for T12 in C5.301
  • On Saturday 2nd slot , for T13 in C5.302
  • On Saturday 4th slot , for T8 in C5.301
  • On Sunday 1st slot , for T14 in C5.304
  • On Sunday 2nd slot , for T11 in C5.312
  • On Monday 1st slot , for T17 in C5.304
  • On Monday 2nd slot , for T15 in C5.305
  • On Monday 3rd slot , for T9 in C5.308
  • On Monday 4th slot , for T10 in C6.204
  • On Tuesday 2nd slot , for T16 in C5.312

Office Hours

  • On Monday 3rd slot , for Nourhan Ehab in C7.305
  • On Tuesday 3rd slot , for Ammar Yasser in C7.221
  • On Thursday 3rd slot , for Nourhan Ehab in C7.305