CSEN 601 Computer System Architecture


Project Description Update

Note that the project description has been updated (small modification at the beginning of page 2) on the 2nd of April.


Please note that the project description is now posted on the MET website. You have to choose your project details using the link in the uploaded description maximum by : Sunday 5th of April 2020, 11.59 pm. You will choose from the features. Each feature has a capacity up to 37 teams. First come, first served.

Piazza Classroom

Kindly note that we have created a classroom on Piazza in order to make communication easier and try to interact with you. The classroom will include 3 channels one for the project, one for the tasks and one for the questions regarding the lectures and tutorials. Please sign up using your GUC email. Here is the link for the classroom: https://piazza.com/guc.edu.eg/spring2020/csen601


Kindly note that weekly tasks will resume starting this week. Weekly tasks will be posted on the MET website every Wednesday and the deadline will be every Thursday. Task 3 has been uploaded on the MET website. The deadline will be on Thursday the 9th of April at 11:59 PM. You are kindly asked to follow the submission guidelines as we will only consider the correct submissions (Submissions that don’t follow the guidelines will be discarded). You are asked to implement the task on your own as this is an individual task. A cheating detector will run on all your submissions. Any cheating/copying detected in the submissions will lead to a Zero in all the tasks.


Don't forget: you have 6 quizzes during lectures every week starting Lecture 2.

Quiz Logistics

Please note that you need to attend the quiz with the lecture group that you have been assigned to. Taking the quiz with a different group will result systematically in a 50 % penalty.

Hardware Threads in Specs

Please be careful, in the Intel specs I have used in class, a thread is seen as a "logical core" and not as Software threads. Each physical core has 2 logical cores. We'll talk about Software threads in the OS course.

Latest Material