CSEN 202 Introduction to Computer Programming

Course Information


  • CSEN202 is designed to teach students the basics of computer Programming in an object-oriented framework. We will use Java as a programming language example  for learning software writing skills. Java includes a lot of facilities that satisfies the requirements for developing high scale, secure and maintainable software.


  • Topics covered in the course

    • Fundamental Data Types
    • Decisions and Iterations
    • Methods and Recursion
    • Classes and Objects
    • Arrays


  • At the end of this course, students should be able to Write programs in Java whose complexity reaches around hundred lines of code. In particular, students should be able to:

      • Use the rudiments of the environment and the resources available to help them program (editors, basic computer architecture, compilers, libraries, reference manuals, on-line help).

      • Develop programs from an English description.

      • Write programs on their own, independent of "hand holding” by a TA or an instructor.

      • Understand and use the basic programming constructs: types (built in types, basic provided types including arrays and strings, type construction), values (constants,variables, assignment statements, and expressions), control structures (sequential flow, conditional statements, and loops), and I/O (basic output to the screen and input from the keyboard).

      • Understand and use objects (value representation, applicable operations, hidden implementations).

      • Implement basic recursive algorithms.