CSEN 605 Digital System Design

Course Information


  • This course enhances the students’ knowledge of digital analysis and design by introducing them to techniques to analyze and design advanced combinational and sequential circuits. It also introduces them to Hardware Description Languages (HDL) and modeling circuits with Verilog HDL.


    • Miscellaneous Concepts about Digital System Design
    • Memories, PLDs, and FPGAs
    • Modern CAD Tools Usage, and Hardware Description Languages (Verilog HDL)
    • Analysis and Design of Advanced Combinational and Sequential Circuits
    • Pipelining Digital Systems
    • Analysis and Design of Efficient Arithmetic Circuits


    • Understanding the basic low-level background of digital circuits
    • Recognizing the different types of memories and programmable logic devices
    • Applying a complete design flow targeting FPGA platforms
    • Applying the concept of pipelining to boost the throughput of a digital system
    • Recognizing the literature of fast adders


  • Digital Design, 3rd edition
    M. Morris Mano
    ISBN: 0130621218