CSEN 1082 Visual Programming

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  • Visual Programming Languages (VPL) have always been employed in different contexts. Visual Programming allows users to specify programs through graphical rather than only textual elements. VPLs thus have multiple dimensions. The spectrum of the application of visual programming ranges from tools that teach children to code (e.g. Scratch) to visual reasoning , theorem proving, visual database systems and visual querying systems . In addition to studying the concepts, history and applications of visual programming, the course discusses: 1. The definition of visual languages and visual programming 2. Types of visual languages 3. The cycle of designing and developing a visual language 4. Soundness and completeness of visual languages 5. Evaluation of Visual Languages 6. Design Issues 7. Cognitive Aspects of Visual Processing


  • Visual Programming Environments: Applications and Issues Ephraim P. Glinert
  • Visual Language Theory Kim Marriott and Bernd Meyer
  • Visual Languages and Applications Zhang, Kang