CSEN 1001 Computer and Network Security

Course Information


  • As information systems, databases, and Internet-based distributed systems and communication have become pervasive in the commercial world, coupled with increased intensity and sophistication of security-related attacks, organizations now recognize the need for a comprehensive security strategy. This course gives a detailed insight in security for computer and network systems.


    • Security planning, security policies, security goals, security mechanisms, security principles, physical security, risk analysis and management, and hackers.
    • Introduction to Cryptography:
    • Authentication Functions:
      • Passwords and pass phrases, biometrics technologies, cryptographic authentication, authentication protocols, challenge response protocols, mutual authentication, authentication attacks.
    • Computational Cryptography: symmetric encryption, block ciphers, Feistel ciphers, DES, attacks on DES, 2-DES, 3-DES, IDEA, AES, encryption of long texts, stream ciphers, linear feedback shift registers.
    • Symmetric encryption, asymmetric encryption, hash functions, one-time-signatures.
    • Symmetric Key-Exchange Protocols:
    • Asymmetric Key-Distribution and Cryptography:
      • Public-key certificates, certificate authorities, X.509 certificates, public key cryptographic standards, public-key infrastructure (PKI), basics number theory, Diffie-Hellman Key-Exchange protocol, El-Gamal protocols, DSS signatures, RSA algorithm.
    • Network Layer Security:
    • Internet Protocol Security (IPSec), Internet Key Exchange (IKE).
    • Transport Layer Security:
    • SSL and TLS. Application Layer Security: Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), Email security, Web security, Electronic commerce,
      • Introduction to wireless network security.



  • The objective of this course is to provide an up-to-date survey of developments in computer security. The aim is to understand the goals, issues, technologies, algorithms, protocols, systems, and design criteria used in cryptography and network security. The course is designed to develop the concepts of network security analysis and solution synthesis skills.