CSEN 1003 Compiler

Course Information


  • This course provides an introduction and in-depth study of the components of modern compilers.


  •  Overview of a Compiler structure

    • Lexical analysis
      • Regular Expressions
      • Finite automata
    • Syntax analysis
      • Top-down parsing
      • Bottom-up parsing
    • Semantic Analysis
      • Type checking
      • Symbol table
    • Intermediate code generation
      • Syntax-Directed translation
      • Three-address code
    • Code Generation and optimization
      • Overview



  • By the end of the course, the student will have a good knowledge of lexical, syntax and semantic analysis, intermediate code generation, as well as code generation and optimization.
    The main techniques covered include regular and context free grammars, parsing techniques,
    symbol manipulation, error handling and type checking, syntax trees, three-address code generation.


  • Compilers: Principles, Techniques and Tools. 2nd edition
    Authors: Aho, Lam, Sethi and Ullman, Pearson International Edition, 2007