DMET 601 Web Technologies and Usability

Course Information


  • This course covers the technical as well as the conceptual and creative parts of the development for the web. It takes into account the most important technologies and concepts used at nowadays start ups as well as already established companies.


    • Introduction to Web Usability & Accessibility
    • Web Design & Standards
    • Web Metrics and Test Design
    • The Basics: HTML, CSS, JS
    • The Dynamics 1: AJAX, PHP & MySQL
    • The Dynamics 2: PHP & MySQL
    • Web Services
    • Web Security
    • Performance
    • Scalability


    • Being able to develop static and dynamic web pages
    • Master LAMP
    • Understand the basics of web design and usability
    • Apply a range of user research methodologies for the web
    • Building successful websites for growing audiences


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