CSEN 501 Data Bases I

Course Information


  • In this course, the students will learn the basic theories of database systems as well as basic skills to operate a database so that they can design, implement, and operate an application database. The major topics covered in this course include high-level conceptual database design using ER and EER models; relational database concepts, relational database design by ER- and EER-to-Relational mapping, and basic SQL programming.

    From a course project running through the entire semester, the students will learn to design simple database applications using ER model, implement them on a relational database management system, and write queries to extract information from the database.



  •   The course introduces database systems with particular reference to the relational model, including design, query languages and update transactions. Furthermore, it introduces entityrelationship modelling and translation to the relational model.

    1.  Concepts of a database and database management. Database development.
    2.  Entity-Relationship model.
    3.  Database design: logical design and the relational model.
    4.  Normalisation: different normal forms
    5.  Physical design; file organisation and access; indexing
    6.   Query by Example and SQL.
    7.  Practical examples using ASP



    1. Learning state-of-the-art database concepts, theories, techniques, and tools that are directly applicable to a Computer/Media Engineering career, including:
      • Database system concepts and system architecture.
      • Relational database design, modeling and implementation.
      • Relational database query (SQL) 
    2. To strengthen professional communication and collaboration skills: Database system concepts and system architecture.
      • Learning to actively participate in class discussion and lab sessions in a professional manner.
      • Working in groups to practice project planning, leadership and interpersonal communication skills



  • Fundamentals of Database Systems, 4th edition
    Ramez Elmasri and Shamkant B. Navathe.
    ISBN 0-321-12226-7