DMET 601 Web Technologies and Usability

Course Policies


  • The term project is in groups of three. The teams are finalized and a list with each team’s members has been uploaded on the MET website. You are expected to hand in the “Team member evaluation form” (in the next page) to your TA every week in the lab, where you evaluate the two other team members. Submitting the form is obligatory, otherwise you will get a 20% mark deduction on your last submission grade. All you need to do is print the document and fill it with the required data in addition to your ID and tutorial group. If both of your teammates evaluate your performance as Marginal to No show, your submission’s grade will be affected.


  • Best 2 out of 3 quizzes.


  • Through the MET website, unless stated otherwise. You can turn in your assignment up to 2 days late, but this will cost you 20% of the maximum grade for every day you are late (e.g., an assignment turned 2 days late can get a maximum of 6/10). No assignment will be accepted after 2 days, and will be given a grade of 0. If you are struggling with an assignment, talk to the instructor or the TA's for help before the deadline.