CSEN 501 Data Bases I

Course Policies


  • Attendance at lectures is mandatory in order to succeed in this class. Attendance will not be taken, however we expect you to be present and on time. Experience has shown that excessive absences will adversely affect your final grade. If you must miss class, it is your responsibility to get the notes from a classmate. Students must attend at least 75% of the tutorials and practical labs. If absence exceeds the allowed percentage (excused or unexcused) in the same course, the student will not be allowed to sit for the exam of the relevant subject and will have to drop the course and retake the course when available.


  • There will be 3 quizzes, assignments, a project, one mid-term exam and one final term exam during the semester. There are no make-up tests. All tests are required, and you should make every effort to take the scheduled test. In the event that you have an emergency beyond your control and cannot take a test, please notify your instructor in advance if possible. At the next lecture period, submit a written statement explaining why you missed the test. Perhaps, some combination of other grades will be assigned as the grade for the missed test for those who follow the rules above. An oral examination, a substantial lab problem, or a comprehensive test during the final period are other possibilities. The choice belongs to the instructor. IMPORTANT: missing a test does not automatically allow you to substitute other work for a test grade. Course Weights are as follows: a) Final Exam is worth 30% b) Mid-Term Exam is worth 25% c) Quizzes are worth 10% d) (Pop) Assignments are worth 5% e)Final Project is worth 30%


  • The work submitted for grading must be your own work. It is reasonable to discuss with others possible general approaches to problems. It is unreasonable to work together on a detailed solution, to copy a solution, or to give away a solution. Such instances of academic dishonesty may result in a course grade of F. Submitting a work that is not your own work is considered academic dishonesty.