CSEN 202 Introduction to Computer Programming

Course Policies


  • The content from the lectures will NOT be repeated in the tutorials. You will need to do some tasks at home BEFORE the lab to ensure that you get the maximum output from it. Cross-attendance between tutorials is forbidden, even within the same TA. In case of extreme emergencies, inform your TA prior to missing your lab.


  • The quiz is done individually. No internet is allowed except for submitting your code (if needed). Any use of internet or other resources will be considered an immediate cheating case. Please note that stick to your announced locations is mandatory.


  • There will be no discussion about detected cheating cases, provider and copier will receive zero marks.


  • Teamwork is *not* permitted. All solutions and submissions have to be individual work.


  • The weights are as follows: Final exam: 40%, Midterm exam: 25%, Lab assignments: 10%, Quizzes: 25%