CSEN 102 Introduction to Computer Science

Course Policies


  • You are expected to attend all class meetings—all lectures, all tutorials and all labs. You have to attend in your tutorial and lab. No cross attendance is allowed. You must attend at least 75% of the tutorials in order to be admitted to the final exam. You have attended a session only if you have attended with your designated group (according to your schedule) and you have arrived to class within the first twenty minutes. In case you miss a class for some emergency situation, you are still responsible for any material presented, or announcements made, in class. Keep the phone numbers of at least two classmates handy.


  • Grades are divided as follows: 3 Quizzes (Best 2 out of 3) 15%, 2 Assignments 10%, 2 Lab Assignments 10%, Midterm 25%, Final 40%. Assignments will be, in class, carried out along with the quizzes. Inform your TA by email if you are not able to attend your quiz/assignment for an acceptable reason. There are no make ups or rescheduling for quizzes or assignments


  • The work submitted for grading must be your own work. It is reasonable to discuss with others possible general approaches to problems. It is unreasonable to work together on a detailed solution, to copy a solution, or to give away a solution. Such instances of academic dishonesty may result in a course grade of Fail. Submitting a work that is not your own work is considered academic dishonesty. If you are caught cheating you get a zero. If you allow your friend to cheat you both get a zero.


  • If you need any special accommodations because of a disability, you need to inform your instructor as soon as possible. Every effort will be made to implement reasonable accommodations.