CSEN 401 Computer Programming Lab

Course Policies


  • Lab assignments are ungraded. However, your attendance depends on your active participation in the lab. No attendance will be given after 15 minutes from the start of the lab. The content from the lectures will NOT be repeated in the tutorials. You will need to do some tasks at home BEFORE the lab to ensure that you get the maximum output from it. Cross-attendance between tutorials is forbidden, even within the same TA. In case of extreme emergencies, inform your TA and the TA you want to attend with PRIOR to missing your lab.


  • 30% for a midterm exam and 70% over the project and quiz combined. The project has 3 milestones with 3 quizzes to evaluate your performance in the milestone. The project and the quiz milestone grade make up the final grade of each milestone. Please check the equation for calculating the grades with examples in the Introduction lecture.


  • In the project, the latest submission by any of the team members is the graded submission. You must abide by the announced submission rules (Rules are found in the project description & Quiz descriptions). For the project, you must submit on evaluator.in. No one is allowed to submit code on your behalf. Submissions with syntax errors will get a ZERO. Please do not email any submissions to your TAs. Office Hours Office hours are held in the gaming room only (Location: C6.203). Office hours can only be reserved ahead through our online reservation system. the link for it can be found in the Resources section. More details about the office hours reservation procedure will be posted in a separate document. Office hours between the milestone submission and its quiz will discuss the content of the next milestone only.


  • The quiz is done individually. No internet is allowed except for submitting your code (if needed). Any use of internet or other resources will be considered an immediate cheating case. You are required to have your laptop and extension for the electrical cables with you. Please note that stick to your announced locations is mandatory.


  • You will work as a team in the submissions of the project only. You are allowed to have teams of up to 3 students at most. Cross tutorial and cross major teams are allowed. You must submit your team in the registration form even if you will work alone (Link found in Resources). In case of any problems, please send an email to csen401guc@gmail.com. You will not be allowed to change your teams later in the middle of the semester.


  • Cheating cases will be penalized by 70% deduction from the course. to determine what is considered cheating and what isn't, please refer to the "Academic Honesty Policy" document posted in the Material.