CSEN 502 Theory of Computation

Course Policies


  • You are expected to attend all class meetings—all lectures and all tutorials. You must attend at least 75% of the tutorials in order to be admitted to the final exam. You have attended a session only if you have attended with your designated group (according to your scheule) and you have arrived to class within the first twenty minutes. In case you miss a class for some emergency situation, you are still responsible for any material presented, or announcements made, in class. Keep the phone numbers of at least two classmates handy.


  • Your grade in this course will be based on your scores in one midterm exam (20%), one final exam (40%), and your best x-2 out of x quiz scores (40%), where x is around 10. There will be weekly homework assignments , mainly of the pencil-and-paper variety, although occasional small programming projects are also possible. Homework is designed to (i) give you practice in applying the concepts covered in class, (ii) give you a chance to assess the level of your understanding, and (iii) prepare you for the in-class quizzes. Homework is not going to be graded. Thus, you do not have to submit it. Nevertheless, I encourage you to discuss your solutions with the TA or with me. Model answers to the homework problems will be provided in a timely manner.


  • Quizzes will be held in the lecture. In normal circumstances, there will be a quiz towards the end of the Monday lecture of every week. Abnormal circumstances include weeks with no Monday lecture and the first week of classes. Each quiz covers the material presented in tutorials the week before. According to the course calendar, we should have around ten quizzes; the worst two quiz grades will be dropped. There will be no makeup quizzes. If you miss a quiz, then it is going to be counted as one of your worst two.


  • The work submitted for grading must be your own work. It is reasonable to discuss with others possible general approaches to problems. It is unreasonable to work together on a detailed solution, to copy a solution, or to give away a solution. Such instances of academic dishonesty may result in a course grade of Fail. Submitting a work that is not your own work is considered academic dishonesty.


  • If you need any special accommodations because of a disability, you need to inform your instructor as soon as possible. Every effort will be made to implement reasonable accommodations.