DMET 601 Web Technologies and Usability

Course Updates

Expired Announcements

Attend in your assigned session

Starting next week, all students have to attend in their assigned sessions, otherwise attendance will not be taken, and you won't be able to get feedback on your last submission.

Be prepared for the next lab

This week we'll work on the paper prototype, so be prepared with things that you may need for it (e.g. scissors, A4 papers, pens etc.. )

Submission email changed

Please submit your deliverables on this email: (Please use this one and not the old one mentioned in group 14's tutorial. If you've already sent anything then please forward it to the new email). The subject should be in this format: [GROUP-NUMBER][YOUR-ID][YOUR-NAME] for example [T14][12-3456][John Smith]

Bring your laptops this week

Please bring along your laptops in the next lab, as we'll be doing some technical work this week.

Office hours

My office hours this week are Wednesday 2nd and 3rd slots. We can also schedule an appointment by email. My office is in C7.301 --Mohamed Khamis

Quiz this Saturday

This is a reminder that there is a quiz this Saturday 26/4 in the lecture. Please be there on time.

No tutorials this week

This week's tutorials will be replaced by office hours. Note: I won't be available tomorrow (Sunday 29/4), I will be reachable via email though.

I am available tomorrow

I'll be in office tomorrow (Thursday) from 10 am to 2 pm if you have questions concerning the project. I'll also be reachable via email. Mohamed Khamis

"Forbidden" problem with WAMP

Some got an error that starts with "Forbidden" whenever they accessed any page through localhost. For now, replace localhost by where XXXX is your port number if you defined any.

Project deadline postponed

The project's deadline is postponed till Friday 4th of May 11:59 PM for both groups, T14 and T15. Good luck

Website testing

Everyone should have received their projects to test now. Please contact me if you didn't receive a project or cannot run it. Find guidelines for submission here:

No more Web tutorials

There are no web tutorials during the week 19/5 to 24/5

Computer prototype reports sent

Everyone should have received now the computer prototype report for his/her project. If you didn't receive yours or received a wrong one inform me please.

Office hours next week

I will be in office on Tuesday and Wednesday (Please come with definite questions). -- Mohamed Khamis

Project Evaluation (Update)

The project evaluations schedule has been posted. There has been a slight change: All evaluations will be on Thursday the 31st. Please make sure you are there 15 minutes before your evaluation time and have everything ready on your laptop.

Office hours

I will be in office on Thursday 14/6 in case you had questions for the final exam. (from 11 am till 4) --Mohamed Khamis

Final exam

2011's final exam is uploaded. The final exam is comprehensive, however there will be a higher weight on the material after the midterm. You will not be writing code in the final, but there could be MCQ or True/False questions about pieces of code.

ACM Session

Tuesday, February 16th, beginning 8:30 AM, an ACM session will be held in C7.303 to explain basic graph algorithms.