DMET 501 Introduction to Media Engineering

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T08 tutorial time

The tutorial for T08 will be on Sunday the 2nd slot in C7.301 starting next week. Students from T08 may also attend the 3rd slot in C2.210. If none of these timings suits you, please email me by Saturday at most, on

DMET501: Quiz 1

There will be a quiz on Saturday, September 29th in the beginning of the lecture. The quiz will include until slide 19 of Lecture 3

Next week

Next week's tutorials are canceled. I will be available for office hours on Monday (October 8th) the 5th and 6th slots, in case you had questions regarding the assignment.

Assignment 1

The assignment has been posted, it's due on October 13th. Please submit the deliverables (specified in the assignment sheet), on that email: Please make sure to include your ID, name and tutorial group in the subject, in this format: 22-1234 John Smith T01

T08 tutorial is back to its original timeslot

The tutorial for T08 students is back to its original timeslot/location: Sunday the 6th slot in C2.101

DMET501 Quiz postponed

Next week's quiz is postponed.

Typo in Lecture 5

There was a typo in slide 10 of lecture 5. A modified version of the lecture has been uploaded.

More office hours this week

I will be in office in case you had questions on Wednesday and Thursday, 12 to 2 pm. - M.Khamis

Bring calculators and pencils

Make sure you get your calculator as well as a pencil for the exam. Good luck

DMET501: Mid-term Exam

The mid-term exam will cover Lectures 1 to 5 (until the end of the Video part)

Assignment 2 submission

If you include your name, ID and group number in one or more frames in the video, you will no longer be required to submit the source files of your submission.

DMET501 Quiz 2

There will be a quiz next lecture on Saturday, November 24th. The quiz will cover Lecture 6.pdf and Lecture 7.pdf

T08's tutorial

Due to the midterm exams of the 1st semester students, I was unable to reserve a room for this week's tutorial for T08 neither in the 1st nor 2nd slots. Therefore, we have to take the tutorial at the original timeslot/location assigned for the course, which is Sunday the 6th slot in C2.101. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Bring your laptops this week

You are encouraged to bring your laptops to the Introduction to Media Engineering tutorial this week. Thanks, and sorry for the short notice.

A Text editor for Mac users

Senior students that use Mac have recommended "sublime" for mac users. It is a simple editor that can be an alternative for windows' notepad++ or linux' gedit.

Project Deadline postponed

Due to the recent Internet outage, you are allowed to submit the project till Sunday 11:59 pm. Good luck.

Quiz 3

Since Saturday is most likely to be off, Quiz 3 will take place on Monday, December 17th in H9. The quiz will start at 1:30 pm sharp. The quiz will include 4 lectures (Lectures 8,9, 10 and 11) Stay tuned for further updates.

All grades entered

All semester work grades have been entered. Please inform me if there are any problems before the 27th of December.

DMET 501: Office Hours

I will have office hours if you have any questions on Saturday, December 29 from 1:00pm to 4:00pm. Dr. Seif Eldawlatly

ACM Session

Tuesday, February 16th, beginning 8:30 AM, an ACM session will be held in C7.303 to explain basic graph algorithms.

Previous Polls

[T08 only] I prefer Sunday's tutorial to be on the ... slot

1st - 7 Votes

6th (I CAN attend with another group) - 3 Votes

6th (I CANNOT attend with any other group) - None


DMET501 tutorial to be on Sunday the 1st slot (deadline Friday 11pm)

Suitable for me - 4 Votes

Not suitable for me - 7 Votes