CSEN 1001 Computer and Network Security

Course Updates

Expired Announcements

Compensation lecture

Dear students, I appreciate everybody's admirable behavior with respect to the tragic loss of Dr. Mustafa. I'd hereby like to invite everybody to a compensation lecture for today's missed slot tomorrow, *Thursday Feb./21, 1st slot, in H12*. My thanks (and apologies) go to Islam al-Aarag for initiating the doodle poll. Although tomorrow 1st slot was not high up in the poll, we had to take it for various meta considerations. It is off for 10th semester CS and DMET, advising students may compensate using office hours. Best regards, Georg

Office hours

Please note that my office hours for this week will be Sunday the 5th slot, and Monday the 5th slot. --Mohamed Khamis

Quiz 1

The quiz is going to include everything covered till Lecture02 and PracticeAssignment03 (excluding Chinese remaindering)

Lecture canceled

Dear students, as I am still traveling I would like to inform you that the lecture of Wednesday, March 13, is hereby canceled. The Midterm will therefore cover all lectures up to and including DES.

Calculating large numbers

Some have been asking about calculating large numbers in the assignment. You can use your OS's calculator, google for an "infinite precision" calculator, or use a programming language (e.g. BigInteger in Java)

No security tutorials this week

There won't be any security tutorials this week.

TA office hours

I would like to recall the last announcement about my office hours. They will be on Sunday 4th and 5th slot as usual. --Mohamed Khamis

Project teams

Please email me your teams by Saturday night (11:59 pm). One from each team should send me his teammates' names, ID and group number and put the rest of his teammates in cc. If you couldn't find a team to join I will have to randomly assign you to a team. The maximum is 8 students per project, minimum is 4.

Quiz 3

Quiz 3 will include the following topics: Access Controls, Web security, Password security and Hashing.

Project evaluation location

The evaluations will take place in C6.209

The project evaluations

The project evaluations will take place on Saturday May 11th. Please prepare a laptop with your code running to show us your work. You'll have 20 minutes at most to present your work, where each member should explain the part he/she worked on. The 10 remaining minutes will be for discussion or questions from our side. The evaluations schedule has been posted. I will post the location once it is confirmed.

Project description clarification

In part (b), what I meant here is that *if* you were using a token for resetting the user's password, it should be different every time.

Project evaluations

The project evaluation schedule was updated, it was missing two groups. Please plan to be there 15 minutes before the evaluation time, just in case :)

Office hours before the final exam

Dear students, I am heading to the uni now, I'll be in office till 7pm in case you had questions. Sorry for the short notice, but better late than never :) --Khamis


Some were asking about the classwork's 5%, actually it is combined with the assignments. So assignments are worth 10% not 5% To overcome a technical difficulty on the system, Class Work 1 and 2, they should carry the same grade you had for Assignment 1 and 2 respectively, if this is not the case please contact me. --Khamis

Finalizing the grades

I have entered all the grades, please take a look and email me any concerns maximum by Monday 20/5

ACM Session

Tuesday, February 16th, beginning 8:30 AM, an ACM session will be held in C7.303 to explain basic graph algorithms.