DMET 601 Web Technologies and Usability

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Labs start next week

The labs for the DMET601: Web Technologies & Usability course will start next week, on the 20th and the 21st of February.

First deliverable deadline

The deadline is postponed to Tuesday 18/2 at 3:00 pm. This is to allow you to get a better chance in knowing your teammates for the first time.

First deliverable

Please note that the team groups are finalized and are now available on the MET website. You need to contact your team members (emails on the MET website) to start working on your first deliverable (deadline is Monday 11:59 pm) And please refer to the "Teamwork regulations" document.

Deliverable 2 submission

In case the MET website's submission problem persists, please submit the deliverable via email to your TA, please mention the group and team number.

Office Hours...

For this week only, lecturer office hours are moved from today (Monday) to Tuesday 10-12.

Office change

My new office is C7.208 --Dr. Wael Aboulsaadat

Office hours

Please note that my office hours for this week will be Sunday the 5th slot, and Monday the 5th slot. --Mohamed Khamis

Deliverable 3

Please note that the deliverable description has been updated on Friday March 1st, 4:30pm.

Quiz 1

Quiz 1 will be carried out in the lecture this week, please be there on time as late comers will not be given any extra time. The quiz is including everything covered in class till Lecture 4

User testing

Please note that user testing will take place this Sunday in the first slot in C6.301. Not attending means that you won't be able to write the report and thus lose 3% of your course grade. As a team, please prepare a set of tasks for your tester, and take a look at the posted template before Sunday.

Deliverable 4 submission

Deliverable 4's submission will be through the MET website

Memorizing the heuristics

Answering a common question: The heuristics are standards that are professionally communicated with their official names, thus you should remember the names of the 10 heuristics as they are spelled.

Compensation lecture

March 28th lecture will be compensated on Monday the 8th of April, 5th slot in H8.

Deliverable 6

The description for deliverable 6 has been posted, please go to in order to download the prototype that you should test.

Quiz 2

Dear students, Quiz 2 will take place in this week's lab, it is your responsibility to have your laptop with the software installed and working during the quiz. The quiz will be an hour and a half long, and you will have Internet access. If you have a "physical" problem with your laptop that will make it unavailable for the quiz, please contact us.

Cookies in PHP

There was a typo in the last lab practice, the cookie is set using the function setcookie and not start_cookie. I updated the file now.

Deliverable 7 deadline

Deliverable 7 deadline has been postponed to Thursday the 18th of April

TA office hours

I would like to recall the last announcement about my office hours. They will be on Sunday 4th and 5th slot as usual. --Mohamed Khamis

Compensation lab for Thursday 25th

Next week's labs will be on Wednesday. The 2nd slot in C6.209 for T10. The 4th and 5th in C7.220 for T09. The same content will be discussed in the 3 labs, thus you can attend in any of them.

Another extension for deliverable 8

The deadline for deliverable 8 has been extended again till Sunday 28th of April, 11:59 pm

Compensation lecture for Thursday 25th

Thursday 25th lecture will be compensated in the revision week.

Deliverable 10 deadline postponed

The deadline for deliverable 10 has been postponed to Tuesday May 14th 11:59pm.

Quiz 3...

Quiz 3 was supposed to be conducted last week. However, due to extenuating circumstances, it was canceled. You are going to have it tommorow in the substitute lecture. It will cover material from after midterm till last lecture. Best 2 out of 3 will be counted.


You need to use ORM for at least 2 entities in your project.

Substitute lecture

April 25th lecture will be compensated this Wednesday (May 15th) third slot in H9

No lecture tommorow...

There will be no lecture tommorow Thursday May 16th.


The evaluations will take place this Thursday at 3:30 pm in H9. Each Team will be showing a demo of their system in front of the course instructors and your colleagues. Please upload the final content you'll use for the demo before the presentation on the MET website.

Quiz 3 postponed

Quiz 3 is postponed to May Thursday 16th


I am conducting an HCI ( experiment and need female volunteers. Experiment lasts between 45 minutes and 1 hour and half. An Xclusives voucher is awarded for participating. If you would like to participate email to schedule a time on Saturday (25th May) or Sunday (26th May). P.S. you will be required to remove your makeup before the experiment.

Lecture moved back...

This is a reminder that the lecture has been moved back to the original scheduled time & date & lecture hall (every Thursday, 3rd slot in H8).

Evaluation date change

As per your request, the evaluation moved to 2/6 immediatly after final. You are going to present to everyone first what you did. Next, you will have a meeting with me and/or TA and you will be asked about the code.

Final evaluation

Please check your email for an announcement about the final evaluations taking place tomorrow.


- Sample exam + answers from last year has been posted (note that some topics were not covered). - Expect your exam to be comparable - if not slightly longer since we covered more topics. - There will be programming problems - An aid sheet will be provided attached as last page of exam. - Exam is inclusive of all content. - Exam is on Sunday, June 02, 9:00-12:00

ACM Session

Tuesday, February 16th, beginning 8:30 AM, an ACM session will be held in C7.303 to explain basic graph algorithms.

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