CSEN 202 Introduction to Computer Programming

Course Updates

Expired Announcements

Quiz 1 and assignment 1

Please note that next week you will have your first quiz and first in class assignment. Check your location and time in the uploaded folder. Students in the same group might not be in the same place. Please check your place using your ID.

Quiz 1 and assignment 1 locations update

Quiz 1 and assignment 1 locations and timings are updated for group 1 and 5. Please check them.

Attendance (from 16/3/2013 to 21/3/2013)

For the advising students who are having their midterms (from 16/3/2013 to 21/3/2013) please note that you have to attend the CSEN202 lab and tutorials normally in this week. You are allowed to attend at any time that suits you (for this week only), given that you submit an attendance sheet to your TA.

Quiz 1 and assignment 1 material

Please note that quiz 1 and assignment 1 will include the first three lectures till the nested loops.(The nested loops is not included).

Group 1 and 5 Eng.

Please be informed that Dr Wael will make compensation lectures this week instead of Saturday and Monday. For Group 1, the lecture will be on Wednesday, 5th slot in H12. For Group 5, the lecture will be on Thursday, 5th slot in H12. If anyone has a clash with the timing, you can attend in the other one.

Compensation lecture

please note that there will be a compensation lecture on Saturday 6/4/2013 in the 5th slot in H13 for group 3 and 5. The lecture will be about recursion.

Dr. Wael's Office Hour Change...

For this week only, the office hour is moved to Thursday 5th slot. Office is C7.208

Revision Lectures

There will be 3 revision lectures for the midterm. For BI, you can attend on Monday(8/4/2013) third slot in H13. For Engineering and Civil, you can attend on Thursday(11/4/2013) in the second slot in H16 or in the third slot in H14.

Thursday 25/4 lectures Compensation

Prof.Slim will teach next week's Lectures. For those having their lectures on Thursday (group 2,3,4), you are allowed to attend the lecture at any of the following timings: Sunday 3rd or 4th in H13 , or Monday 3rd in H13, or Wednesday 2nd in H11.

New compensation lecture

There will be another lecture on Thursday 9/5/2013 in the fifth slot in H3 for those who are not able to attend the lecture in the first three slots.

27/4/2013---9/5/2013 lectures

Since there are many day offs in the coming two weeks, we will consider them as one week and the lectures will be as follows: Monday 29/4/2013 3rd slot in H13 and Thursday 9/5/2013 1st in H16, 2nd in H16 and 3rd in H14. The same content will be discussed in all those lectures. You can attend in any of these lectures.

Quiz 2 and in class assignment 2

Next week you will have your second quiz and second in class assignment. You will be divided on Wednesday 15/5 and Thursday 16/5 in the same timing and places as Quiz1.

Quiz 2 and Assignment 2 material

Quiz two will cover recursion and Assignment 2 will cover object and classes 1.

Dr. Wael's office hours..

Office hours moved to Monday 5th slot. Office is C7.208


I am conducting an HCI (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human%E2%80%93computer_interaction) experiment and need female volunteers. Experiment lasts between 45 minutes and 1 hour and half. An Xclusives voucher is awarded for participating. If you would like to participate email omar.mowafi@student.guc.edu.eg to schedule a time on Saturday (25th May) or Sunday (26th May). P.S. you will be required to remove your makeup before the experiment.

Tutorials and labs

Please note that this week(1/6/2013--6/6/2013) tutorials will run normally and important content will be discussed in them. As for the labs they are cancelled. Please attend in your scheduled groups.

Lecture cancelled

Please note that the revision lectures for this week(1/6/2013 --6/6/2013) are cancelled.

T21,T20 and BI20

Please note that the tutorials on Wednesday(5/6) for these groups are canceled and will be compensated in the timings and places of their labs on Thursday.

Quiz 3 Timings updated

Upon your request, the timing of the quiz on Thursday for some group was changed from the 5th slot to the second slot. Please check the file uploaded again.

Revision Lectures

Please note that starting this week, DR.Wael will give revision lectures till the final exam. Questions from the past final exams will be discussed during the revision. We all wish you the best of luck.

Quiz 3 Timings and locations

Please note that the locations and timing of quiz for some groups has changed. Check the folder uploaded called "Quiz 3 Locations and timings" to know your location and time of the quiz.If you can't find your name listed please send an e-mail to hadeer.dewan@guc.edu.eg Stating your name,Id, lecture group and faculty and i will answer you back. You have to attend in your assigned time and place, otherwise your quiz will be cancelled. PS: Civil engineering students are listed in a separate folder.

ACM Session

Tuesday, February 16th, beginning 8:30 AM, an ACM session will be held in C7.303 to explain basic graph algorithms.