CSEN 909 Human Computer Interaction (Elective for MET)

Course Updates

Expired Announcements

Deadline for forming groups extended

Your deadlines for forming groups is extended to Wednesday 26/2/2014 at 11:30 pm instead of 10 am.

Forming groups & project preferences link

This is the link for forming groups and selecting the project preferences. Please check your tutorial from the 1st sheet. The announced tutorials are your final tutorials for the course. The deadline for mentioning your preferences is WEDNESDAY 26th of February 2014 @ 10:00 am https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AnEdzN6-KadcdHl1VllEWnQwTF9LR0hRLU92Nmp5S2c&usp=sharing

[IMP] Projects list updated

[3/3/2014 @14:50] The error in the projects list has been fixed and updated. Kindly check it again if you only checked it yesterday. Please check all your data in the class list and the team formation list. FILL ANY MISSING DATA ESPECIALLY THE EMAIL. If you have more than 1 email added, please remove one. Deadline for finalizing your data is Wednesday 5/3/2014 10:00 am

1 deadline on Saturday 8th of March

You only have 1 deadline for the project (M1- literature review) on Saturday 8th of March 2014 @ 16:00. Kindly check the submission guidelines posted in the (Materials) section.

A1 published + Download SPSS + Finalize data

Assignment 1 is published. Your deadline is next Tuesday. You can check your assigned experiment in the google spreadsheet. Get your laptops to the tutorials this week. Please install SPSS before coming. You will find the link in the resources. KINDLY FINALIZE YOUR EMAIL INFORMATION IN THE GOOGLE DOCUMENT BEFORE COMING TO THIS WEEK'S TUTORIAL.

Testing teams are announced!

The testing teams for the course are announced on the google spreadsheet. Please check them.

A1M1 deadline is postponed!

The deadline for 1st milestone in Assignment 1 is postponed to Thursday 13th of March 2014.

Choose a slot for design iteration(1) meeting

Please check the appointments link from the (resources) section. You should reserve a 15 minute meeting for your evaluation. Write your team ID in the slot you want to reserve. You should NOT drop by unannounced to Dr. Wael's office. The deadline for filling it is Thursday 13th of March 2014 @ 23:00

Submit PR-M3 prototype design in Dr. Wael's office

Kindly submit your PR-M3 prototype design iteration (1) directly in DR. WAEL's OFFICE (next to the control room). Please note that failing to schedule an appointment for the evaluation may lead to a severe milestone penalty. Add your team to the calendar if you haven't yet.

No meetings on Sunday 16/3/2014

Dr. Wael would like to inform you that he had a force majeur on Sunday. Therefore, kindly reschedule your meetings on Sunday to any other available slot.

Deadlines + Weights have been updated!

Kindly check the updated version of the deadlines. The deadlines are now found as a sheet in the google spreadsheet of the teams. I removed the old PDF. The updated course weights are also published.

Videos for lec 1

Posted here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/awgbx70onn4rjh9/hci-lec1-videos.zip After every lecture, the videos shown will be linked from the resources section. You are responsible for checking the resources section weekly.

Office hours statistics Tuesday 1st slot!

If you missed any of the statistics tutorials or you are still unsure about the concept, there are office hours tomorrow Tuesday 18/3/2014 1st slot in my office. Kindly come to the office at 8:45 sharp if you are interested. I will explain the decision tree and solve a couple of problems on the issue.

Projects and teams are published!

Please check your team and your project using the link posted before. The link is permanently found now in the (Resources) section.

Reserve an appointment Design iteration (2)

Kindly reserve an appointment for design iteration (2). You should use the same link provided in the resources section (HCI appointments) google spreadsheet. DO NOT ALTER ANYTHING IN THE SHEET PLEASE. You are only allowed to take an EMPTY SLOT (colored anything that is NOT red nor black). DEADLINE IS SATURDAY 22/3/2013 @ 23:00. Best of luck :)

[IMP][A1M2] Report missing videos max by Sunday 23/3/2014 @23:00

Please report any participants who have not delivered their videos by you maximum by SUNDAY 23/3/2014 @23:00. You should report the names in [HCI Groups Management] spreadsheet - [A1M2-Undelivered Videos] sheet (Link in the resources section). If you do not send the required videos to the requested teams, you should come on Monday 24/3/2014 WITH YOUR LAPTOP HAVING INQUISIT to do them in uni. KINDLY STICK TO THE NAMING CONVENTIONS OF THE VIDEOS MENTIONED IN THE DOCUMENT. Failing to do so with result in a milestone penalty.

[A1M2] Do not email instructors in videos

Kindly stop CCing us in the emails while you are exchanging the videos. This is an internal matter between the teams :). Report by 11 pm using the published form

Deadline for A1M1 teams (Agression IAT) postponed to Sunday!

Deadline for the 1st milestone for Team 1, 6 , 10, 14 (Agression IAT experiment) is postponed to Sunday 23/3/2014. An enhanced hypothesis will be posted by the doctor tomorrow.

[IMP 17.3.2014 @ 10:26] A1-M2 Conducting experiments location!

Place: C6.203 - Time: Monday 24/3/2014 2nd & 3rd slot. If you do NOT finish your videos by Sunday 23/3/2014 23:00, YOU HAVE TO SHOW UP ON MONDAY. Otherwise, you will lose the grade of the milestone.

[IMP Tues 25/3/14 @ 13:30] Scheduling midterm revision session

Kindly use the following link to fill in your preferences IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ATTENDING THE SESSION: http://doodle.com/636a7qqs2rcsu9y8 Please try to be as flexible as possible. Add all free slots from the options. You can indicate how convenient is a slot be (yes) = yes if need be but not preferable. You have to respond maximum by [TUESDAY 25/3/2014 8 pm] to give me a chance to schedule the session. Thank you and best of luck :)

Revision session on Thurs 27.3.2014 5th slot C5.206

Based on the poll, your midterm revision session is scheduled on Thursday 27/3/2014 5th slot in C5.206 . If you have a problem with the timing, I will be available on Saturday 29/3 2nd - 4th slot & Sunday 30/3 1st and 3rd - 4th slot. Best of luck :)

Statistics + SPSS tutorial uploaded

The full solutions including the screen captures and the SPSS outputs are now available on the MET website. ALL material in the slide notes up to lecture 5 is included in your midterm. The links to the videos are in the resources section. BEST OF LUCK :)

[PR-M4] [PR-M5] Deadlines postponed

You can submit design iteration (2) any time up to your meeting with the Doctor this week. Please submit it directly in the meeting to the Dr. As for design iteration 3 the deadline is postponed to Sunday 30/3/2015 on your exam day.


The midterm consists of 4 questions: Short Questions (concepts in the course), Experiment Design, Hueristic Analysis and Research Frontiers (questions about the interaction techniques presented in the videos). If you have not downloaded the research videos yet, they are available from the resource section on the MET website. Do not wait till night of midterm since dropbox temporarily block the access if it gets lots of download requests in a short span of time.

Re-check A1M1 for a typo in Fingger tapping test

The dependent variable in Finger Tapping test is the tap counts for each finger. That was a typo in the published model answer

[IMP] A1M3 postponed to Thursday 10/4/2014 @16:00

The deadline for statistical analysis is postponed to Thursday 10/4/2014 @16:00. You are more than welcome to deliver earlier. Please check the model answer for A1M1. You should do A1M3 based on them even if you chose something different in A1M1 to avoid carried-forward mistakes. You do NOT need to fill the air display template. Just discuss your statistical results in the report and add the mentioned appendices.

A1M3 template is published

Based on your requests, a template for A1M3 final report is published. Kindly check it and use it :)

A2M1 feedback is published

Check the HCI management group sheet for feedback on your chosen website. The feedback is in sheet (A2 Preferences). If your service is rejected, kindly choose another one in sheet (A2 preferences ROUND 2). Please choose it maximum by Monday 14.4.2014 @11:30 pm to give you feedback.

[IMP] A2M1 feedback is finalized

Kindly check (HCI groups management ==> Groups management sheet). You will find the final feedback about the services of each team. Teams who haven't submitted were randomly assigned to services.

A1M1 grades are published!

Kindly check your emails. You will find an individual shared document with each of you. Please check that your data is correct. Also check the feedback on A1M1. If there are any problems in the details, email me+ add the following tags to the subject: [HCI][Incorrect data]. You have 1 WEEK to review your grades and discuss any unclear points. The deadline for grades review is 22nd of April 2014 @16:00.

PRM2=>PRM5 grades are published!

Please check your personalized grades sheet. Detailed feedback over milestones is in sub sheets. Make sure the published grades in the summary is the same as the sub sheets. The deadline for reviewing the announced grades is 23/4/2014.

[IMP] PR-M6 / M7 / M8 have been postponed.

Please check (HCI groups management ==> Deadlines sheet) for the updated dates. Happy feast :)

[CRITICAL] PRM6 evaluation timing

Please choose an evaluation appointment for your team. You can find the available timing in (HCI groups management) spreadsheet. The sheet name is (Project evaluation slots). Deadline for choosing the appointments in Sat 3/5/2014 @16:00.

[IMP] PRM6 submission

The deadline for submitting the CD and the report is extended to Monday 4/5/2014 @ 12 pm. This is the latest allowed time for submissions before the evaluations start. The evaluations will be held in Dr. Wael's office. Your CD MUST be labelled with milestone code (PRM6) & Team ID. Kindly check the submission guidelines of the milestone & STICK TO THEM. Best of luck :)

[IMP] PRM6- Implementation deadline (Mon 5/5)

Deadline for implementation milestone is postponed to Monday 5/5/2014 @10:00 am. Submission guidelines are published. kindly stick to them :)

Grades of PRM6 and A2 are published!

Check your private Google spreadsheet for Project: milestone 6 (implementation) & milestone 1 & 2 (Assignment 2). Please make sure that the published grade in the summary sheet is the same as the one in the detailed sheet. Deadline for grade review is on Tuesday 20th of May.

FILL the poll (Will you attend the revision session?)

Hello everyone, I need to know the number of students attending the revision to finalize some reservations. Please fill the following poll maximum by Tues 20/5/2014 @ 14:00 http://doodle.com/7bddudhraxv4wrsx#table

[CRITICAL] PRM7 Evaluation schedule + Evaluation form

Your evaluation schedule has been published to the common google doc. Kindly check it. The team members evaluation form should be submitted ONCE with the next milestone (PRM7 - 20th of May). It should evaluate the performance of your team members through out the course.

[CRITICAL] [posted Wed 14/5] Fill team member evaluation forms

Please note that you have to INDIVIDUALLY submit with each of the coming milestones a filled version of the evaluation form. The penalty for not submitting the forms is -30% deduction from the milestone grade.


Solution + marking posted. Min mark: 32% Max: 89% Mean: 63% std dev: 13%

[CRITICAL] Divide the team work EVENLY!

Please make sure you divide the work load of the milestone EVENLY between the team members. Uncooperative team members will be highly PENALIZED.

Location of the revision session

The revision session is on Sunday 25th of May in C6.203 from 1st slot till the 4th slot.

A1M2 + A1M2 are published

Please check your personalized Google doc for your grades. MAKE SURE the grade you get in each sheet is the SAME as the one in the SUMMARY sheet. If you have any problems, please let me know by Saturday before I enter the grades to the system. You can get the actual weights of each item from the (Deadlines) sheet in the public google doc.

PRM7 grades are published

In case you haven't seen them yet, grades of PRM7 are published to your spreadsheets. PLEASE READ THE FEEDBACK IN THE OTHER TABS. If you have any concerns about your grades, let me know. I need to finalize the grades by Tuesday 27/5/2014. MAKE SURE ALL YOUR GRADES ARE COPIED CORRECTLY from the detailed sheet to the summary sheet.

[IMP] PRM8 regulations are published

The paper and video template are published. Please read them carefully before your submission. Best of luck :)

HCI exam

Videos before midterm are not included. You are not required to memorize names of statistical tests that were not explained in in detail in lecture slides. Majority of exam focuses on after midterm material.

HCI exam topics...

1. Experiment Design 10 2. Heuristic Evaluation 10 3. HCI Laws 10 4. Human Capabilities & HCI 25 5. Research Frontiers 20 6. Design 20

[CRITICAL][sent @26.5 12:58] Materials updated

Please download ALL the summaries again. I updated everything to fit the structure we discussed yesterday in the revision. All the tutorials are also now available. Any unnecessary documents I removed them. Best of luck :)


Hope everything went smoothly in your exam :) Please verify your grades from the google spreadsheet AND the system and report any problems maximum by Saturday 31/5/2014. NO CHANGES WILL BE DONE TO THE GRADES AFTER THAT. (Project remarking) should be discussed with Dr. Wael. (Assignments remarking) should be discussed with me.

Red card policy!

Kindly note that any team member who will be reported as a non-working individual by his/her team members will get a ZERO in the milestone submission! There will be no tolerance for uncooperative team members.

ACM Session

Tuesday, February 16th, beginning 8:30 AM, an ACM session will be held in C7.303 to explain basic graph algorithms.