CSEN 909 Human Computer Interaction (Elective for MET)

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Project teams spreadsheet link...


A1 postponed

to Sat Oct 11th 11:55PM.

A1 posted

Team form here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HAbgPT-iauyuE9WgZ7R4POUstycjNHhpHwjA1qOQIBg/edit?usp=sharing

A2 postponed

to Oct 31 st, 11:59PM

Sample midterms and videos...

Posted in materials section. Videos shown in lecture are linked to resources section.


Midterm covers all weeks till just before fits law. Fits law not included. You are allowed to bring 1 aid sheet, A4 paper-size, handwritten not printed, double sided and nothing else.

Project + A2 posted...

Check materials section. Team and project selection due date is Oct 22nd.

Project delivery 1 postponed...

Research and Design delivery postponed from Nov. 7th to Nov. 10th. Your delivery is a report that states your finding about what other reseachers done before and what you plan to do. You should include a paper prototype.

Assignment 2 Groups


Project assignment...

Based on your preferences (and GPA), the following projects have been assigned; Team 6 => 17, Team 13 => 14, Team 1 => 10, Team 4 => 13, Team 14 => 18, Team 8 => 11, Team 11 => 12, Team 3 => 4, Team 10 => 3, Team 12 => 1, Team 9 => 7. Teams 2, 5 and 7 have not been assigned a project because either they did not enter enough alternatives or did not enter any project number at all. You will have to fill your choices in the spreadsheet from the remaining projects. Those who did not fill the spreadsheet at all should also do that ASAP. Teams of 2 are not acceptable; you must get more partners. Incase you want to discuss the projects details, Thursday is my day off. I am available starting Sun 11AM.

Project assignment (final)

Team 1 => 10, Team 2 => 2, Team 3 => 4, Team 4 => 13, Team 5 => 15, Team 6 => 17, Team 7 => 8, Team 8 => 11, Team 9 => 7, Team 10 => 3, Team 11 => 12, Team 12 => 1, Team 13 => 14, Team 15 => 5, Team 16 => 16, Team 17 => 9, Team 18 => 6

Project delivery 1 postponed 1 day...

to Nov 11th, 2014, 11:50PM

A3 posted...

in materials section.


The exam consists of 7 questions as follows: Experiment Design: 20 marks, Heuristic Evaluation: 10, HCI Laws: 10, Human Capabilities and HCI: 10, Design Patterns: 10, Research Frontiers: 30, HCI Design Problem: 10

Project milestone 2 feedback

Feedback and marks have been posted in course material section. If it says no feedback to mark, this means I did not receive a submission from you (or via your TA). If it is says invalid submission, it means i cannot open 1 or more of the zip files you submitted. For your next and last milestone, try to get as many of the features implemented as possible. Paper prototypes are not acceptable.


Previous exams posted in materials section. In the exam, you are allowed to bring 1 aid sheet double sided hand written A4 (standard paper) size.

Project delivery 2 postponed...

to Nov. 27th 11:50PM.

Project milestone 1 feedback

Posted in materials section. If you have submitted and do not see your submission marked - email it to your TA.

Dropbox videos

If you are trying to download the videos, it is better to first create a dropbox account and copy the files to your account then download them from there.

Project delivery...

Milestone 2 and final deliverable are merged into one delivery whose deadline is December 18th, 11:55PM.

A3 extended

to Dec 9th, 11:55PM.

Coming project delivery

You should start coding the implementation. It is still a prototype you are going to deliver -- that is: not all features working but you should have few of the interaction techniques or interface elements already built by the end of this milestone. Drop by my office to discuss details if you are unclear about what to do. I will be emailing you feedback about first delivery by tomorrow night.

ACM Session

Tuesday, February 16th, beginning 8:30 AM, an ACM session will be held in C7.303 to explain basic graph algorithms.