CSEN 102 Introduction to Computer Science

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CSEN102 Lab compensations for next week.

Dear all, As some of you have their lab sessions on Saturday (7th of October) and Sunday (8th of October), you will find a document posted in the material called "Lab Compensations for Week 7/10" which includes the lab compensation location and time for those groups for next week (this is an online link for it too: https://goo.gl/Qknemk). Please note that this is ONLY for the mentioned week. Also, the compensation is only for the groups having their labs on Saturday 7/10 and Sunday 8/10. The rest of the groups must follow their regular schedule.

CSEN102 Tutorials *ONLY* cancelled next week

Dear all, Kindly note that the tutorials are cancelled for next week (7th of October - 12th of October). Labs are NOT cancelled. Please make sure you attend your lab sessions.

Lecture compensation for Group E1 and E2 (Week 7/10 - 12/10)

Dear Group E1 and E2, For next week, the lecture will not be on Sunday (8th of October) since there will be no teaching activities. It will be compensated on Wednesday (11th of October) 2nd slot in H15.

Koding Lab Access

Please check your emails regarding the Access Keys that will allow you to register on Koding Lab and be able to login on https://guc.kodinglab.com/ to be used in the labs

Quiz 1 and Assignment 1

Dear Valued Students, Kindly note that next week (4/11/2017 - 9/11/2017) you will have Quiz 1 and Assignment 1. Each group has their own timing according to the following schedule: https://goo.gl/XzTqQH . You can also find the schedule posted in the material of the course

Revision Lecture 11/11 - 16/11

Dear Valued Students, Kindly note that this week we will be having your CSEN102 lectures at their regular times and locations, this will be revision for your midterm exam.

Lectures during week (25/11 - 30/11)

Sunday (26/11) 1st slot in H13 given by Dr. Aysha. Monday (27/11) 5th slot in H18 given by Dr. Aysha. Tuesday (28/11) 2nd slot in H13 given by Dr. Aysha. Tuesday (28/11) 4th slot in H15 given by Prof. Slim. Tuesday (28/11) 5th slot in H13 given by Prof. Slim

Midterm Exam Solutions Posted under "Material"

You can find on MET website some previous Midterm Exam Solutions posted. You should use them to practice before the revision lecture. Please note that not everything included in those exams you will be familiar with. You might find some questions that use a different language than Python or that use some Python syntax that you are not familiar with. You can still use the questions to practice different problem ideas and how to solve them.

In-class Assignment 2 (9/12 - 14/12)

Kindly note that next week 9/12 - 14/12 you will have your second practical in-class assignment for the course. It will take place normally in your lab session. Grading will be done explicitly only via test cases and that your program works for any input.

CSEN102 Quiz 2 and Assignment 2 (Theoretical)

Kindly note that next week you will have Quiz 2 and Assignment 2. Each group has their own timing and location according to the following schedule: https://goo.gl/RxpjEB . Check your emails for the regulations.

CSEN102 Lecture Timings

Dr. Aysha Alsafty gives lectures on Sunday 1st (E9 & E10), Tuesday 2nd (E3 & E4), and Thursday 3rd (E5 & E6). Prof. Slim gives lectures on Sunday 4th (E1 & E2), Thursday 4th (E7 & E8), and Tuesday 5th (BI 1).

ACM Session

Tuesday, February 16th, beginning 8:30 AM, an ACM session will be held in C7.303 to explain basic graph algorithms.