DMET 502 Computer Graphics

Course Updates


A2 Deadline Extention

Please note that the deadline for assignment 2 has been extended to Thursday (23/11) at 11:59 pm

Assignment 2 Notes

1) You have to model a whole scene: Meaning that you either use four walls to surround the scene (In other words, everything in the scene should be contained within the walls). Another way, is to use sky box as in lab 7. Other ideas are encouraged as long as the scene is contained within some boundaries. 2) A complex animation means that the object has two or more combined animations (bezier curves has to be combined with another motion). Finally, same animations for all models will not be accepted (eg. all rotate and move in a straight line). 3) Concerning the camera part, you have to rotate the camera and NOT the scene even if they result in a similar effect. The camera's continuous rotation is done by the animation/timer function and not by the keyboard. Keyboard buttons are used to flip the camera view. 4) The scene and the models have to be colored/ textured. Good Luck

Sample exe files

Note that the sample exe files are the ones used in the labs to explain different concepts.

Expired Announcements

Thursday Compensations

T11-> Wed 5th in C7.305 T13-> Tue 5th in C7.303 P15-> Wed 1st in C6.209 P14 -> Wed 1st in C7.220

Quiz 1 T21

The quiz will take place on Monday 5th slot @4:30

Assignment 2

Note that assignment 2 is now posted. Deadline is Monday (20/11) at 11:59 pm

ACM Session

Tuesday, February 16th, beginning 8:30 AM, an ACM session will be held in C7.303 to explain basic graph algorithms.