CSEN 909 Human Computer Interaction (Elective for MET)

Course Updates

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Midterm content...

Experiment Design 20/100, Brain Computer Interfaces 20/100, Perception and Cognition 25/100, Motor and Muscles 25/100, Interface Design 10/100.

Midterm coverage

All lectures are included. Material not handled in practice assignments yet, could be included as concept questions in the midterm.

HCI midterm open notes policy

Midterm is open notes, which means you can bring any lecture or tutorial notes you prefer as well as hand written notes. You are not allowed to bring practice assignment printouts nor tablets. Note: when printing you can print up to 6 slides in the same paper to save on paper.

Final Project Delivery

The project files deadline has been extended to Sunday 17th Dec, 11:59PM. You are required to submit 2 links: a link to the video file and a link to the zipped source code file. Those doing a unity project, should submit all the files required to rerun in unity. The submission should be done via an email to the instructor. Each team should do one submission (1 email only). Mention your team number and team member names and ids in the email.

Updated presentations schedule...

Wednesday presentation run as follows: team 1 at 10AM, team 3 at 11AM, team 5 at 12, team 6 at 1PM, team 7 at 2PM, team 8 at 3PM. Teams 2 and 4 will present in architecture department following week (not on Wednesday). Thursday presentations moved to Saturday. Only one team member need to attend for Saturday.

HCI MET project evaluations

Evaluations will run on Wednesday Dec 13th and Thursday Dec 14th in instructor office. Teams 1 to 8 are on Wednesday on the hour starting 10AM (i.e. team 1 10AM, team 2 11AM, etc..). Teams 9-16 are on Thursday also starting 10AM on the hour. Deadline to submit video demo of your work is Friday 15th, 11:59PM. Refer to examples to guide you in preparing your video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aHM0darA-WI&list=PLvQJ6P3wx7xtpUzV37Psl9JbxW8xfUdgj Make sure to record in high res. Send the instructor a link not the actual video! The video should contain a clear description of the research problem, and your approach to solve it with recorded demo of your solution. Donot show source code in the video. If your work involves interaction using gestures, use two cameras; one to record the user actions and a second to show the screen (or you can use a screen capture software to have better quality recording of the screen).

MET Final Project Submission Form


Lecture slides black and white

as per some students request, has been posted here as one pdf file in black/white: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ZYHwN8ZuDTIYATzmMfDDZ3F_VzwyE7uR

Exam info..

Exam is Open notes. Calculator allowed and needed. The exam has 9 questions as follows: Heuristic Evaluation 8/100, Human Psychology 12/100, GOMS Analysis 10/100, HCI Laws 20/100, Flow Analysis 10/100, Experiments 12/100, Design Problem 16/100, Research Frontiers (aka videos) 12/100, UX (bonus question) 5/100. Sample previous exams have been included in zip file posted prior to midterm. Further additional exams have been posted on MET website.

HCI final is open notes

You can bring anything printed or written with you. Final exam is comprehensive of all material.

ACM Session

Tuesday, February 16th, beginning 8:30 AM, an ACM session will be held in C7.303 to explain basic graph algorithms.