CSEN 301 Data Structures and Algorithms

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Expired Announcements

More Revisions: Objects & Classes!

Struggling to catch up?? Need to refresh?? Attend the revision sessions: Sunday 1/11 the 5th in C6.203 or Tuesday 3/11 the 3rd in C7.217 or Wednesday 4/11 the 3rd in C6.302. Discussion topic: Objects and Classes.

Quizzes start ONTIME!

Quizzes start after 5 minutes of the tutorial start. Entering the quiz after 10 minutes of the tutorial start will NOT be allowed.

Quiz 1 on Stacks

Quiz 1 will be held in Week 5 starting from Saturday 31st of October till Thursday 5th of November. It will cover Stacks. Quizzes will be held in the TUTORIAL. Everyone must attend in their own tutorial group. Attending with another group will NOT be allowed.

Compensation Quiz 1 (Saturday 31/10)

All quizzes on Saturday 31/10/2009 will be moved to Saturday 7/11/2009, since 31/10/2009 is a day off. Students MUST attend in their OWN TUTORIAL groups.

Mock Exam!!

The revision lectures on Monday 9/11 will be divided into two parts. The first part will be a MOCK EXAM (for one hour) containing exam-like questions to train you for the Final exam. This exam will NOT count as part of your final grade. Then the second part will contain a REVISION on the material covered.

Revision Week: Tutorials

Tutorials this week will compensate previous tutorials. We will re-solve some of the practice assignments. No new material will be given. SUNDAY --> Practice assignments 1 and 2 THURSDAY --> Practice assignments 3 and 4

Assignment 2

Assignment 2 is now posted and due on Thursday 12/11 (11:59pm).

Tip: for Java class/file names

Remember: you can name a Java file as 'Assignment2_E1_16_1234_Slim_Abdennadher.java' and have your class as "class ClassName"... If you do not declare your class as public, then you can name it whatever you like! It doesn't have to match the file name.

Assignment 2 Submission

For those who have submitted assignment 2 before 5:30 P.M. on Wednesday 11/11/2009, you are kindly asked to RE-SUBMIT your assignment. Assignments submitted before this date might have been lost because of a system error.

Tutorial of T-17 moved!

The tutorial of T-17 of Saturday 14/11 has been moved to the FIRST slot in C2.208.

Tutorial of T-18 moved!

The tutorial of T-18 of Saturday 14/11 has been moved to the FIRST slot in C6.203.

Assignment Grading

For Assignment 1: submitting a solution that does NOT COMPILE will lead to a deduction of 50% of the grade. Starting assignment 2, non-compiling solutions will be given a ZERO.

Quiz 2 Regulations

Quiz 2 will be for 45 minutes. It will start 5 minutes after the tutorial start time. You will not allowed to be enter after 25 minutes from the start of the tutorial. NO EXCEPTIONS.

No Labs on 26/11

There will be NO LAB sessions on Thursday 26/11. Students of these groups should attend the labs at any other timing during the week, or in any of the following compensation sessions: [Sunday 22/11 5th in C7.217], [Tuesday 24/11 5th in C7.217] or [Wednesday 25/11 5th in C7.217]

Quiz 2: Linked Lists!

Quiz 2 will be held in the week from 21/11 till 25/11. It will cover Linked Lists. You will be asked to use reference manipulation. You must attend in YOUR OWN group. Entering the quiz late will result in a ZERO.

Quiz 3: last but not least!

Quiz 3 will be held in the tutorials from 12/12 till 16/12. It will cover Trees, and contain both theoretical and practical code questions. As usual, you MUST attend in your own tutorial group. You cannot enter after 20 minutes of the tutorial start.

Assignment 3 is now posted!

Assignment 3 is now posted. According to course policy, we will take best 2 out of 3 assignments. Cheating will not be tolerated, and effective action will be taken!

Deadline extended

Assignment 3's deadline is extended to Saturday 26/12 11:59 pm.

Assignment 3 Files

Don't forget to submit ALL files that are required for your solution to compile.

Now Available: Hash Tables

The solution to the Hash Tables practice assignment has been updated. Please download the new file. It is possible to download it!

ACM Session

Tuesday, February 16th, beginning 8:30 AM, an ACM session will be held in C7.303 to explain basic graph algorithms.