CSEN 1073 Architecture of Massively Scalable Apps

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Midterm question: Caching 10/100, Coding for Scalability 10/100, SQL/NoSQL 22/100, Distributed Systems 10/100, I/O Models 12/100, Design Patterns 24/100, Research Frontiers 12/100. The cheat included in the midterm is the first page from this: http://www.webdeveloperjuice.com/demos/cheatsheets/design_pattern_cheatsheet_v1.pdf

Milestone 4 deadline

The deadline for milestone 4 will be 4th of May 11:59pm

Milestone extended

Since I did not cover testing yet... Milestone extended to Thursday April 19th. No further extensions will be given because scalability testing and app profiling will most likely take till end of semester.

Project deadline

postponed to April 13th, 11:50PM

Subsitute lecture on Tues 4/10

I will hold a sub lecture tomorrow Tues 10/4 3rd slot instead of the MSA tutorial to cover testing. Location will be announced by second slot.

Alternative to GUI part

I have received several requests to provide an alternative to GUI part of the MSA project. As an alternative, you can add support for a container (e.g. docker) and an orchestration framework (e.g. Kube). Your TA will provide more details about the container/orch requirements. This is just an alternative for GUI part -- in either case, you are still required to do load testing on backend.

Midterm sheets

A design patterns sheet will be included in the midterm for your reference. Additionally, you are allowed one A4 (standard) size sheet double sided.

Exam aids..

Exam is open book and notes. Anything except communication devices.

Project milestone 2 deadline

extended from March 1st to after midterms (March 20th, 11:59PM).

MSA exam info

Design Patterns & Quality: 20 marks, I/O Models and Distributed Systems 10 marks, Reflection 10 marks, SQL/NoSQL Databases 10 marks, Scalability Testing 10/marks, Containers and Orchestration 10 marks, MSA Application Design 30 marks.

Project frontend

I am allowing the use of AngularJS and React in the front end. No other framework except those mentioned in project doc can be used in back end.

Lecture Monday...

Monday April 30th is canceled.

Lecture Apr 23rd canceled

due to an external visit to the faculty.

Project milestone 2..

extended from March 20th to Friday March 23rd (11:59PM).

ACM Session

Tuesday, February 16th, beginning 8:30 AM, an ACM session will be held in C7.303 to explain basic graph algorithms.